Dedicated Customer 


Connect stands out from other outsource'rs because we really do understand the key steps required in striving to achieve customer service excellence.
Consistency of customer delivery through fantastic customer service should be the ultimate goal of any aspiring organisation. Outsourcing your contact centre/customer service function to Connect can help you achieve these goals. Why? Because we have instilled a passion for great customer service within our staff that will help separate your company from your competitors, helping you to retain your customers longer, and thus resulting in greater profitability. So how does it work:

We have developed and can help you develop a customer service strategy which is vitally important to ensure there is a service focus that delights the customer and delivers its brand values.


We carefully choose the type of staff most suited to work on your account and typically we are looking at personality traits, attitudinal behaviours, previous experience, desire and enthusiasm to be part of your team – we then engage the staff through good communication, training, and immersion in your products and services.


One of our experienced Account Managers will work closely with you in a clear and structured way from initial planning through to account implementation and throughout the contracted term. Other staff key to delivering the service such as our Head of Operations, Head of Client Services, Training Officers, Service Delivery Managers, Team Managers and IT personnel are also involved from the outset, ensuring everybody has a clear and definitive understanding of your requirement.


Upon going live, strict quality control and monitoring procedures ensure we are on top of service delivery and intelligent reporting provides instant feedback of how we are performing against agreed service levels.


Regular communication and meetings with you the client help to ensure consistency and set in place goals for continuous improvement.

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