More than just  door

to door sales.


Much more than simply ‘direct’ or ‘door-to-door sales’, we want to give people the best experience possible so they are: 

  • well informed about the product, service or cause we’re representing

  • can see how it might with their needs, interests and lifestyle and...

  • enjoy the conversation they have with the brand ambassador!

We achieve this by having professional, friendly and personalised conversations with people about our clients’ brands.


The brand ambassadors in our network have a thorough knowledge of and genuine passion for the products, services and causes they represent. That’s why they’re able to tailor information to each person’s needs, provide on-the-spot responses to their questions and conduct professional and enjoyable conversations.


Connect believes the first step to successful face-to-face customer and donor acquisition is to build a great relationship with each of our clients.

It's the best way to make sure we understand their product, service, or cause and the messages they need to deliver via our face-to-face marketing method.

We also believe it's essential to provide ongoing support, through specialist teams, to both our clients and the brand ambassadors.

All brand ambassadors are given access to ongoing mentoring and product coaching to help them give every person they speak with a professional and interactive face-to-face marketing customer acquisition experience, and achieve our clients’ objectives.

Brand ambassadors also have regular contact with our clients to ensure they are always at the heart of the businesses they represent.

Our insistence on fostering personal relationships and continual support services is at the heart of our door to door team.

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Connect has a proven track record of successfully implementing and executing customised face-to-face marketing sales solutions. Connect is able to achieve prolific and unmatched results for its clients and retail partners through the unique combination of the Connect executive team that brings  collective direct sales and face-to-face marketing experience and the ability to place your product all over the UK.

Connect's professional field marketing services allow businesses to speak directly to potential customers  at their homes.

With experience behind us, we know that responsible face-to-face marketing is a highly effective way for businesses to increase brand awareness and create a connection with their target audiences.

It’s one more reason Connect is a the number one customer acquisition company in Plymouth.